SerialDescriptionDigits to Dial
1Call Forward to a specific Extension
all incoming calls for the extension will be diverted to the extension programmed
8481 + extesion number
2Call Forward Cancellation8480
3Group Pick Up
to pick up the calls ringing on your own group. Like, PBS, E-Commerce, ECM
4Any Call Pick Up
to pick up any of incoming calls
5Call Follow me
Calls meant for your extension can be received from the extenstion where you are dialling this code
8461 + extension number
6Call Follow me Cancellation8460 + extension number
7To Call Corporate Office extension6 + extension number
8To Call mobile numbers from CO FCT6 + 86 + mobile number
9To Call Speed Dial numbers from CO FCT6 + Speed Dial number
redial outgoing calls
11Transfer the CallFlash + extension number
12Auto Call Back
over busy tone, dial this and hagup. Once the extension is free, both the extension will ring automatically
13Auto Call Back Cancellation870
14Call forward on busy
Calls are forwarded to the extension programmed, only when the extesion is busy.
#11 + extension number
15Call forward no answer8441 + extension number
16Call forward no answer cancel8440
17Call hold
To put the call on hold, while on conversation
18Call hold retrieve
to take back the call on hold